About Us

Cold glass of beer

Alexander’s Sun Country malt extracts have been the number one choice of brewmasters for over 45 years.  We have carefully created the gold standard of liquid malt extracts. From bold to ever-so-smooth, we can help you craft the taste that’s uniquely yours. What an experience!

Dennis Alexander began producing malt extracts at his Acampo facility in the late 1970’s. At the time, home brewing was becoming widely popular in the United States and home brewers needed a way to make their beer that didn’t require lots of time and complicated equipment. Dennis recognized the potential of this growing market and expanded his business to include liquid malt extract. Before his product, home brewers were forced to use imported liquid malt extracts from other countries that were usually poor quality with off colors and flavors.

Dr. Michael Lewis partnered with Dennis Alexander and California Concentrate Company to create liquid malt extracts using his technology and superior grain grown domestically. What they were able to produce was a light colored, sweet, aromatic liquid malt extract that rapidly became the industry standard. For the next few decades, home brewers and commercial breweries alike utilized their liquid malt extracts in thousands of different beer formulations.

Today, Alexander’s Sun Country Malt Extract creates premium liquid malt products from the highest quality grains. Our goal is to offer the best beer making products available on the market by using sustainable farming and manufacturing practices while reducing our carbon footprint.